Count, Count, Count Your Calories (Song)

Count, Count, Count Your Calories

(To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)


singing-womanCalories to count

Every day, each meal.

Calories, calories, calories, calories,

Day one I count with zeal!


Seven, eight days go by

Counting every food.

Calories, calories, calories, calories,

No longer in the mood.


Some foods’ counts are high.

Noodles, muffins too.

Hoagies and ice cream and peanuts, tortillas.

I didn’t have a clue.


Calories to burn

As I exercise.

Calories, calories, calories, calories,

Watch the number rise!


If I walk a mile,

Quickly as I please,

Calories, calories, calories, calories,

Burns an ounce of cheese.


row-row-row-your-boatCount, count, count your calories

If only for a week.

Teaches you, teaches you, teaches you, teaches you

Weight loss that you seek.


Sure have learned a lot

Counting calories.

Let me eat, let me eat, let me eat, let me eat,

Wisely choosing, please.



Images courtesy of Clipart Kid (woman singing), (music notes)


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