Humorous Heart Health

heart stormKind hearted, his heart went out to her, from the bottom of my heart, have her heart set on it, let’s have a heart to heart. So many of our expressions demonstrate what humans have known for thousands of years: the heart (and the blood it pumps) is the literal and figurative center of our physical being. If a heart stops, a life stops. The series of posts below talk about the heart and how best to care for it. Turns out it’s not that hard; easier than taking care of a guppy. I mean puppy. Guppies are way easier.

Do you Have a Good Heart?

Put Your Heart into it: Exercise and Heart Health

Her Heart Sank onto the Bed: Sleep and Heart Health

Take it to Heart: Eating for Heart Health

With all my Heart: Hypertension and Heart Health (Part 1)

With all my Heart: Hypertension and Heart Health (Part 2)

Take Heart: Stress and Heart Health

Recipe: Salmon Burgers

Recipe: Beans and Greens