Mouth Health and Orange Smiles

2014 Aug 2 026The Flexie Foodie recently came out with a post called Eating For Oral Health. I’m going to hit the highlights for you. Bare your teeth, stick out your tongue, and read on!

Her first point is that saliva cleans your mouth. I recommend ringing a little bell before each meal and wearing a bib for the extra drool. (#Pavlov joke…too easy, I know. I’ll try harder!)

Crunchy foods cause you to produce more saliva, so if you end your meal with raw apple, celery, carrots, or nuts, you can say you brushed your teeth. If anyone doubts you based on the bits of orange and brown clinging to your gum line, simply pull out your celery toothbrush and show them how it’s done.

2014 Aug 2 027Raisins are a good snack for two reasons. 1. Raisins have phytochemicals which discourage the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth. That’s right, teen readers, you should be carrying snack boxes of raisins with you to Make Out Point, not Altoids. 2. Raisins help curb hunger by sticking to your teeth. When you feel the munchies coming on, grab a toothpick and collect your leftovers. Mmm-mm.

Foods with Vitamin C help with the growth of collagen, connective tissues, blood vessels…all of the parts that work together to hold your teeth firmly in your mouth. We’re going for the opposite of Scurvy here. “Arrr, ye scurvy blogs!” Scurvy is caused by a lack of Vitamin C and one of the symptoms is loose or lost teeth. Not that any of us are in danger of getting scurvy, but history just made a little more sense to me. When you think of pirates, grab an orange.

2014 Aug 2 028Speaking of oranges, rubbing citrus peels on your teeth helps to remove stains and orange peels are the most gentle on enamel. Our teeth don’t stain as we age because of wear and tear over the years, but because we’re less likely to make orange peel smiles.

The Flexie Foodie’s post really hit home because yesterday we took my four year old to the dentist and he has more cavities than birthdays. From now on, snack time at our house will start with a ringing bell, include raisins and orange peels, and end with a celery brush. If I let my boys wear pirate eye patches during snack, they just might go for this.

Gentlemen, if you’re looking to compliment your lady, look no further than the Bible: “Your teeth are like a flock of sheep coming up from the washing. Each has its twin, not one of them is missing.” Song of Songs 6:6


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