The Daniel Fast Made Delicious

daniel fastHere’s something new to the blog: a book review! Yes, I got the book for free. Jealous? I would be too. Here we go:

I picked up The Daniel Fast Made Delicious not because I was fasting, but because I wanted some new veggie recipes. It’s essentially a vegan cookbook with some unique flavor combinations and a good variety of veggies and seasonings. There are even recipes for veggies that I’ve seen in the store, but never bought because I had no idea what to do with them. Now I do. One other thing I like is that most foods they refer to are ones I’ve heard of; I have seen these veggies in the store, which means I don’t have to hunt all over town for them. I’ve only tried a few of the recipes so far, but the ones I tried were really good.

If you are fasting (bless your heart, I haven’t had the guts yet. I have severe hungerphobia. I’m making progress, though: since I began living healthier and losing weight, I’ve learned that if I leave the house for a few hours and don’t take a snack with me, I will not die. Logic is not involved here, folks, just an unhealthy dislike of that empty sensation.) Let me start again…if you are fasting, (bless your heart) then this would make a good companion guide to The Daniel Fast. The Bible study at the end is basically just meditating on one verse per day for three weeks, which at first struck me as way too short, but then I wondered when I last meditated on one verse for longer than ten seconds. One verse is enough.

In short, this is a good, not-too-weird-and-“out there” vegan cookbook with some encouragement to get the most out of fasting. Or some fresh ideas for veggie-ful entrees. Along with tons of veggies, many recipes call for dairy or egg substitutes, but I plan on making them with good ol’ animal products. I’m making Pumpkin Lasagna this week. See what I mean about unique flavor combinations?

Have any of you ever tried the Daniel Fast?


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  1. Katie – – Happy to hear that you’re giving a “nod” to your feathered critters and your Iowa farm ancestry by eating “good ol’ animal products” instead of substitutes! Keep writing! Aunt Lora

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