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What We Can Learn From a 100 Year Old Athlete

don_pellman_ljDon Pellman set 5 world records at the San Diego Senior Olympics this year. That’s impressive, but becomes exponentially more impressive when you learn that Don is 100 years old and two of the medals were for the long jump and the high jump.

You’d expect that kind of athletic prowess to be a lifelong pursuit, but Don didn’t start competing until after he retired. I love that. If it wasn’t too late for him, it’s not too late for me. He gives good advice too:

“People ask me what do you attribute your success [to] and I can say four words: ‘eat sensibly and exercise’ – those are the things that you have to do,” he explained. “Eat sensibly, keep your weight down, and exercise every time you get a chance.”

A hundred year old man who can high jump? That’s someone worth listening to.