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Asparagus Poem

2014 April 002I was thinking of honoring asparagus in verse when I discovered that Judith Natelli McLaughlin already had! This lovely poem is hers and she has more garden-bounty-honoring poetry on her blog. Click on her name for the link.

This is asparagus season in the northeast USA! I’m spoiling myself by eating asparagus raw straight out of my garden. It’s almost sweet, believe it or not.


Asparagus spears

Make asparagus pie,

Or asparagus quiche,

Or asparagus soup, or

Asparagus_officinalis_006Risotto. I don’t know

A thing you can’t do

With asparagus spears

Even put them in stew

Pan roasted asparagus perfect to please

Frittata?  De nada ­­– just add eggs and cheese.

Asparagus spears

Make asparagus salad,

Asparagus flan,

Or asparagus fry.

Packaged like pencils

In red, green or white

Put asparagus spears

On your menu tonight.



Images from my garden and commons.wikimedia.org (bunches)