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Drink More Water With VISIBLE WATER™

2015 sibling visit 275Drinking water is essential for looking and feeling your best, but how can you be sure to drink enough water each day? With new VISIBLE WATER™!

Unlike the invisible water that lurks in your home’s pipes or refrigerator, VISIBLE WATER™ is guaranteed to enter your body. And using VISIBLE WATER™ is easy! Simply fill a glass, cup, or bottle with invisible water and place it where you can see it: your desk at work, your car’s cup holder, or – my personal favorite – the kitchen counter. 2015 sibling visit 276VISIBLE WATER™ starts working immediately. Your eyes are drawn to the VISIBLE WATER™, your hand reaches for it, and before you can say “Hydrate me!” cool liquid refreshment is pouring down your throat and working its miracles.

VISIBLE WATER™ is easy to maintain. Once your VISIBLE WATER™ level drops below 50%, simply refill the glass, cup, or bottle and place it back in its Visible Location. You’ll be amazed at how much VISIBLE WATER™ you’ll drink in a day!

VISIBLE WATER™ comes in a variety of flavors like Public, Well, Spring, Distilled, and Lemon Zest!

2015 sibling visit 274VISIBLE WATER™ helps ease constipation and joint pain and prevents muscle cramps. It aids digestion, helps with weight loss, and has even been known to fight cancer and heart disease!

If you want to increase your water intake, join the billions of satisfied customers who choose VISIBLE WATER™ every day.


Remember: if it’s invisible, you forget, but if it’s VISIBLE WATER™, you drink it!


Coming Soon: VISIBLE VEGETABLES™ (Sold separately)