Ode To The Sugar Snap Pea

2014 June 007Sugar Snap Peas are the best vegetable in the world, hands down. (Mouths open?) I love them so much, I composed a poem of pea celebration while picking them in the garden. You may comment and disagree with me, but you must do so in rhyme. 🙂


Eat the pea and eat the pod.

Please my palate and feed my bod.

Crunchy, sweet; the taste is groovin’.

2014 June 005Fiber keeps my insides movin’!

Vitamin C for healthy joints.

In Weight Watchers, you’re zero points!

Vitamins K and A galore;

A hit with kids; they all want more!

Had I the space and cash to spare,

I’d build a giant greenhouse where

I’d plant and pick and sing this song

and eat my snap peas all year long!


4 responses »

  1. Well since I don’t disagree with you I hope I don’t have to comment in rhyme. I LOVE sugar snap peas too! One of my favorite things to eat raw!

  2. I must agree, snap peas are the best!!
    Specially with some rice, and a big ol chicken breast!
    (my feeble attempt at rhyming.)

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